Ancient Philosophy – Who gives a shit?

It’s all very well for Alfred North Whitehead to characterise the development of Western thought as “a series of footnotes to Plato”, but come on: it’s 2017. Why do we still care about what some old, dead, white guy thought and wrote? Read more


First Steps

Okay! Here we are: a little echo chamber of my very own, one where I can write whatever the hell I like and nobody can tell me I’m wrong. Woohoo!

Hello, reader (or readers?!) and welcome to¬†Philosophically Speaking, my very own little philosophy blog. Here I’ll infrequently add some things which I think are interesting. However, in order that this doesn’t become a soapbox for my ideas – which aren’t all that interesting, in my view – I’m self-imposing a limit of twenty years for me to comment on. So, in 2017, that means I won’t talk about events in the world after 1997.

Holy crap; 1997 was twenty years ago.


So, look out for occasional blog posts about many things philosophical.
My philosophical interests, incidentally, are:

History of Philosophy
Ancient Greek philosophy (particularly Plato and Heraclitus)
Critical Thinking and informal logic
Political philosophy

So if any of those things float your intellectual boat, then this site could well be the one for you.

That’s all for now.